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"Do not let the enemy perceive your true spirit..." - Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings


I haven't updated this site for four months now... Maybe it's time. There's not much to say. I've got many things going on right now and I can't keep up with it all. You'll find most of the clan at I'd like to take this time to welcome out newest member Ryoko_D_Light. I'm really trying to keep up. I'm being honest, but things aren't going as planned. I'll post and update somewhere... Maybe make a new site too that has all our games and stuff.


Last update before I lose my cable.  Then I'm getting a fucking job wherever I can and buy my own cable so I get some good connection.  Ah well.  I changed the Tip of the Month, changed some member levels because DD doesn't shut up about his level.  It came apparent that most people didn't come into the meeting and have failed to give me a reason why they weren't there.  New members and members on the other side of the planet are excused.  I need volunteers for CS division.  I'll be appointing a committee to decide this that way those who wish to be CS Divisional Leader don't start sucking up to me.  I'll inform the members who will help me judge the Leader of CS Div.  Have a good night all.


Right.... Maybe time for an update for this site.  As you are well aware by now, the clan has been playing a fair amount of Ragnarok Online recently.  If you have been watching the board, you will also have noticed the thread about suggesting games for expansion.  Only 2 games will be selected for an expansion.  The meeting is on Sunday at 9:00 PM Eastern Time.  We will also be discussing the future of the BFP division.  No one plays so we may drop it.  I think that will be all.  Good day to you all.  And Happy Halloween.


First official practice on Friday October 12!  10 PM Eastern time!  On Enki's server.  I'll talk to him about making sure it's up at that time.  Everybody be there!  Think that's it.


Ok it was mine and Rage's birthday Saturday so we both hit sweet 16.  Yay us!  Next I added the new band poll to the left because someone requested it.  Third, clan meeting Friday I think.  Around 9 PM Eastern.  ICQ on Thursday or Friday to find out if it's still going.   I think that's it for now.  Later all.

P.S.  Vote 3 Doors Down or I'll kill you all.  That group rules!

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