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"Do not let the enemy perceive your true spirit..." - Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings


Kill Board

All members are required to take a snapshot of their scores when they leave a game if they want their score recorded.  They should be converted to JPG format and sent to me so I can keep an accurate kill board for all members.

Kill Leader:  Chibi_Trunks    Rank:  Human


Status Games Played


Avatar Active 2 5
Gohan11 Active 1 20
DarkDragon Active 0 0
Amorak Active 0 0
Buu Active 0 0
Enki Active 0 0
Majjin_Trunks Active 0 0
NeO Active 0 0
PerfectCell Active 0 0
SSJVegita14 Active 1 3
Haze Active 0 0
Chibi_Trunks Active 4 48
Gokusimster Active 0 0
Ogoogleson Active 0 0
SSJVegitto Active 0 0

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