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1) Why did that Toaster/Midget/Elf kill me?
This is a PvP game. Or more accurately, RvRvR. Also known as Realm vs. Realm vs. Realm. This means whatever race you pick, you are now in constant war with the other two races. You’re going to die...plenty of times. If the statement of PvP or RvRvR confuses you, think of RFO like this. It’s Counter-Strike for RPG’rs. Pick a side and try to kill everyone else that isn’t on your side.

2) Why does all the armor look the same?
Think of it as a military uniform. You don’t want to be flashy, conformity is the thing here, everyone should look the same in a time of war. Besides, you really don’t want to stick out in a crowd, it only means you’ll die faster.

3) What does XX mean?
Acc’s(Accs) - Accretians
Bel’s(Bels) - Bellatos
Cor’s(Cors) – Corites or Coras
HSK – Holy Stone Keeper, that’s the big monster in the Central Mine
AFK Mining – Setting your Toon up to mine while you’re Away From the Keyboard
Toasters/Tin Heads – Slang for Accretians
Midgets/Hobbits – Slang for Bellato
Porn Elves/""how come they get an auto healer" elves" - Slang for Cora
MAU – Massive Assault Unit or Mechanized Armor Unit, depending on who you ask. Either way, it is the term for the giant Robot/Gundams that the Bellato can pilot. ONLY the Bellato can pilot them. So, don’t join the Cora or the Accretia and expect to pilot one. If this is why you wanted to play RFO, then your choice is singular. You HAVE to be Bellato and you HAVE to choose the Specialist Job Class.
Skill Points – This is the number ratio you see next to your abilities when you hit the “C” Key. It shows your proficiency in that particular skill. The higher the number, the better you are and the better the tool you can use. There are limits, and they are set by your Character Level. If you have access to an item linked to a skill, you can level it, regardless of your class. If you don’t have access to a linked item, obviously, you can’t level it.
CW – Chip War, this is the forced PvP state used in the game. Winner gets control of the Central Mine.
acc – During CW, this abbreviation is used to mean Accretia Control Chip
bcc – During CW, this abbreviation is used to mean Bellato Control Chip
ccc – During CW, this abbreviation is used to mean Cora Control Chip
Control Chip – There are towers outside of every race’s Mine Field portal that holds a Control Chip. During CW it is our job to go destroy an enemy Tower and get the Control Chip. This allows that race to gain control of the Central Mine and be Guarded by the HSK.
RL – Race Leader, we’ll cover that later.
Pots – Potions, these are your best friend, and the only means of instant recovery in RFO.
Int - Intense, referring to Armor or Weapons
Spec - Specialist Class
War - Warrior Class
Spir/Spiri - Spiritualist Class
KS - Kill Steal

4) Did we win the CW? Or Do we have control of the mine?
Odds are, you JUST logged into the game. If you open your chat box and scroll all the way to the top it will say something like, “The Holy Stone Keeper has appeared and is Hostile/Friendly with our race.” There’s your answer. If it says Hostile, your side lost the last CW; if it says Friendly, your race won the last CW. If there is no such notice, one of two things is happening. Either the CW is currently going on or will start in less than an hour. Meaning NO-ONE has control of the mine.

5) When is the next CW?
There is a One Hour Window before the CW that the mine is free of control. Meaning, if the CW starts at 0800, at 0700 the HSK will go crazy and kill everyone at the Central Mine then disappear. It’s now a free-for-all. Go kill and be happy.

6) Why can’t I do more damage even after I leveled?
Two things. One, RFO is VERY dependant on your equipment. Make sure you are using the most up to date equipment or your damage/armor will stagnate and you’ll get your butt kicked in no time regardless of your level. Two, level your Skills/Force.

7) What is Skill/Force?
These are your abilities. “L” Key for Skills and “F” Key for Force. The more you use these things the higher their level will become. Which means they’ll recharge faster for Skills and do more Damage for Force.

8) When can I unlock the next tier of Skills/Force?
You’ll need to be at least level 28 and have a total of 30 Skill Points in that discipline over an unknown number of Skills. I’ve heard/read it be one skill, sometimes two. If someone can finally clarify this, that’d be great, if not, I guess we’ll find out when we get there. Moral of the story. All the low level skills will be your best friend for a LONG time.

9) Should I worry about PT or Character Level?
Depends on how you want to play. Some people burst through about 10 levels then go back and worry about leveling their skills. Some people level their PT’s and Character Level simultaneously. Do it however you want, but please note, if you try to party after a long drought of not working on your PT, most people will be very displeased with your fighting ability. However, excluding partying, there’s no real difference how you do it. Either way, when you’re done your PT should be good for your level.

10) I’m level 10, but my Prism Beam is still level One! I’m gimped!
No, you’re not, that’s just how it is. Skill/Force levels are entirely separate then your character level. You’re fine, calm down, go have a smoke, whatever. You’re not gimped.

11) Why does that guy/gal have a big tower of light over them?
Those people are called Race Leaders(RL’s). They are the top 5 PvP ranked players. Technicaly, the top 2 through 5 are called Archons and the number One Player is the Race Leader, but I'm YET to hear anyone address an Archon as an Archon and not a RL. They are also the one’s that can talk over Race Chat. Also known as that bright blue text that pops up in chat. They also have the power to start the voting. So, if you get this pop-up window in the middle of a fight asking a stupid question, blame it on your RL.

12) How do I resize my chat box?
Hit the “Enter” Key or click on the little talking heads in the bottom left. The Chat Box will open up. When it does, there is a pair of Up/Down arrows just bellow the “X” Button. That allows you to stretch the chat box Up and Down. Once you leave Chat mode, the Box shrinks back down and you get the crappy view once again. That’s all we get, nothing else, they haven’t changed anything yet.

13) How do I get into keyboard mode?
Hit the “H” Key.

14) How do I jump?
Hit the “V” Key while in keyboard mode.

15) How do I take a Screen Shot?
Above the “Insert” Key on your keyboard, there is a button that says “Print Screen.” Hit that and it’ll take a screenshot. Screenshot in Mouse mode is Alt + 0(Zero, not on keypad). You’ll know it works when your screen pauses for a second then a line pops up in your Chat Box that says “Screenshot saved.” The Screenies are saved in the “Screenshot” Sub-Folder in your Game’s Folder. Another useful thing is Alt + "H" Key, which willr emove your HUD so you can take better pictures.

16) How do I cycle targets?
With the mouse button. We all have to pick out our targets by point-click interface.

17) How do I remap the keys?
Remapping through the game is not possible, however, there is a file in the Game folder you can alter. If you aren’t familiar with tinkering with game files or program files, I suggest you leave it be. If you know what you’re doing: Firstly, Rename your RF.exe to NOPATCH_Rf.exe (MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO)

Then, venture to \Program Files\Codemasters\RF Online\DataTable

The files you will be editing are (you can use notepad)

KeyMap.dat - (This is the point and click keymap)
KeyMap_NKM.dat - (This is your wasd keymap)

ITEM_LOOTING........................= Ctrl+X
CANCEL_TARGET......................= ESC
CAMERA_ROT_LEFT...................= CTRL+Q
CAMERA_ROT_RIGH...................= CTRL+E
MOVE_LEFT.............................= CTRL+A
MOVE_UP................................= CTRL+W
MOVE_RIGHT...........................= CTRL+D
MOVE_DOWN...........................= CTRL+S
MOVE_JUMP.............................= CTRL+V

PLEASE NOTE! I have no idea what effect this can have during patches or the stability of the game. Do so at your own risk! Don’t come crying to me if the game crashes or you get your butt kicked in PvP ‘cause you forgot what you changed it to. Another side-note. Please remember to make a back-up copy of any file you alter. This should be common procedure for anyone who is accustomed to tinkering with programs.

18) Do I have to use the Function keys to use the skill bar?
No. Hit the “\” key and you can use the 1-0 keys instead. This and the Keyboard control mode has to be done EVERY time you log back in, as it isn’t a saved mode of play according to the game.

19) Where is the Auction House?
Cora - Harem Stockade Accretia - Armory 213, Unmanned Exchangers Bellato - Solus

20) I want to start a guild.
That’s great, have at it. You need a praty of 8 lvl 30's and 24 million in local currency. Good luck with your guild.

21) The chat filter is stupid!
Yes…yes it is.

22) How do I block chat?
Hit the “O” Key. Bottom left. There are three check-boxes that will let you block certain things.

23) Where can I find XX mob?
Part-way down the page, on the left side column, there’s a heading “Atlas.” Click on the area you need info for and they show you maps of the area and a mob list.

24) I want to craft. and Can Specs Craft Int. or Special Items?
Wootness. Only specialists can craft. You’ll need bounty items and sometimes/at later levels processed ore items. Talk to a Sundries Dealer and they can sell you the different types of crafting tools.
Ammo Crafting Info -
Presently, Spec. can't craft good items. As in Int. and Spec weapons. But there might be hope for final Giga and the chance of making those kinds of items.

25) How do I teleport?
You have to buy specific cards from Sundries Dealers to be able to teleport in the field. And the Teleport Card to the Central Mining area currently does not work(currently as in March 5, 2006). Yes, I heard it worked during beta. Don’t ask me why it doesn’t work now. I’m sure it has been reported as a bug already, but if you want, go ahead and report it again, maybe it will be fixed during the next patch.

26) I can’t get my Force/Mellee/Range/Whatever Skill up?!
There are level caps to the Skill Points you can earn under the Character Stats Window. This will go up as your Character Level goes up. From what I understand, for Specialists, its some strange percentage with the Force Skill. I understand this to be normal and will resume climbing when you level, don’t panic. If you still think something is wrong with it, just relog, I hear that fixes a lot of problems.

27) What’s that blue bar next to my character status in the top left corner of the screen?
That is your Defence Gauge. If it’s Blue, your Defence ability and Dodge ability are at max and you will take less damage. If it’s Orange, you’ve taken damage and your Defence Rating is going down. If it’s Red, you’re screwed. Your Defence Rating is very low and you will take increased damage, be less likely to dodge, and critical strike chances are higher against you.

28) Raising Shield rating is hard.
Yes, it sucks. Most people will equip their shield and target a bunch of lowlevel mobs and let them beat the crap outta you to raise it. I hear this is effective, though you may run into some problems with other players if you take too many mobs from an area to raise your shield. So please be considerate and try not to take the WHOLE group of mobs.

29) That dude stole my kill!
Experience is granted according to how much damage you do to a target. If you did 75% of the damage and some tard comes up and smacks the thing, calm down. Either it was an accident given how hard targeting is in this game or two, they really are a tard. Either way, you still get XP for the work you did.

30) What should a lvl XX hunt?
Hitting the “J” Key brings up your quest logs. The main window is the top left button. It shows you the current quests you have been assigned. The top right button is a complete list of all available quests. Grey quests mean the mobs involved will give you very little xp. Green quests have mobs you should be fighting to lvl. The last window mentioned also tells you what level the quest is. Good bit of advice, if you are stocked up on pots, you can usually do quests 2-4 levels higher then your current character level. If the quest is yellow, it’ll be rather hard, maybe impossible depending on your current skill levels and equipment. It its red, don’t bother, you’re gonna die.

31) When do I start losing XP for dying?
Level 15. There are recovery items than can recover some the lost XP. They are sold by the “Hero” NPC’s in the capitol cities and cost GOLD(not local currency). The recovery items can also drop off of mobs.

32) What is CP and how do I earn it?
Conquest or Contribution Points are what you get for completing quests or killing enemy factions. You also get a hefty sum of CP for killing an enemy control chip tower.

33) Accretia have no Spiritualists! FTW?!
Toasters are just that, non-biological entities. They have no religious or spiritual tendencies in their society. Get over it. They do have other classes under the Specialist tree that compensate however. You aren’t totally forgotten…even if you are a Toaster.

34) What are the race specific weapons?
Bellato get the MAU’s(Specialist Class), Accretia get the Launchers(Range Class), and the Cora get the Animus/Summons(Spiritualist Class)

35) Being a Cora Ranger can I summon?
No, Summoning is a Class Specific Ability, only Summoners and Garziers can Summon.

36) How do I mine?
You need two things to mine. A mining tool and a battery. Equip the mining tool when in a mining area and a little window will pop up. It will have pictures of the types of ore and a button that says “Move Mode.” Click that button and it will change to “Mining Mode.” When it says that, you are mining. If the box doesn’t come up even with the mining tool equipped, go into combat mode. There’s a button at the bottom left with some swords, click that and the box should come up. Batteries do not need to be equipped. They just have to be in your inventory. The game does the rest. The largest battery lasts Two Hours. The number displayed is the amount of seconds left for mining that that battery has. So if you’re AFK Mining, pack a lot of batteries. You mine faster the closer to the Central Mining Area you get. If you Portal Mine, or mine right near the portal, you will get one piece of Ore every 60 seconds, this is the slowest rate of mining, but is the safest(and sometimes that isn’t saying much during raids).

37) Where can I find more information?
If you are in a Guild/Faction, most of them have Forums and Web-Sites, try asking your comrades or searching their webpages. Google is also your friend. However, if that isn’t enough, you can troll the forums or try these other two sites.

38) How do I talk in Map Chat? and How do I send Tells?
To talk in Map Chat you have to type "/Map (message)" and for tells it's "/(Player) (Message)." Please note, it IS case sensative.

39) What is up with Local Currency and Gold?
Local Currency is for dealing with race vendors and is the primary currency. Gold is for special purposes and supposedly for vendors of other races. Also, the more Gold a Faction has, the lower the tax rate will be. Most people, as far as I know of, keep a good chunck of local currency and the rest is in Gold. Personaly, I keep about a mil or two in local and the rest gets converted to Gold. As for getting gold, you can either hit the Banker and click on "Exchange" or sell processed Ore. Selling processed ore, however, usualy or currently rather, results in a loss of money. The economy isn't really stable enough right now to do that and make a profit.

40) What level is CW?
Technicaly, you can do CW at ANY level. Thing is, you have to be level 25 to actualy DO DAMAGE to enemy Chip Towers. So anything bellow that is cannon fodder really. Actualy, players don't really become more than cannon fodder until about level 30. So PvP at your own risk, expect to die alot.

41) Is this game for casual players?
Surprisingly enough, leveling to PvP level is rather quick. Add into that the ability to AFK Mine, I'd say it can cater rather well to both Casual AND Hardcore players. Now, if you play 1-2 hours a Day, don't expect to get rank very fast or be running around with the beacon of light to soon, but you should still be able to play around with others. Aside from that, if you AFK Mine while at work or spending time with the family, you'll definately have the money for equipment, so you'll always be in top shape for your level.

42) I come from XX other games. I have YY amount of Experience. I am leet. Should I buy this game?
How did you decide to buy all the other games? Whatever you did for them, do it for this one. It's still an MMORPG. Surfing the Forums should tell you what other people think. There's never a shortage of opinions on the Forums. I'm sure you can find an answer without cluttering up the forums with your gaming record. Please be kind, don't pollute the forums.

43) What class does the most damage?
In the end, it all depends on how you play and develope your character. If you want fast and mass damage, Spiritualists are great at low levels. But they are Squishy, so don't expect to tank without a hefty stack of potions. The game is designed for Teamwork really. If a couple of Level 50's square off, they will be there 'til either someone runs outta Pots, runs away, or screws up enough to get killed. One on One doesn't happen very often and usualy requires a lot of errors on One Person's Part to really go anywhere. Play what is comfortable for you or something you like.

44) They need a Windowed Mode!
Yes, that would be nice. For now, you can either hit the "Windows" Key or Alt+Tab. It doesn't always work. Most of the time the game looks like it freezes. That doesn't mean it is! It's just a display issue thing. Hit Alt+Tab again and the screen should go White for a few seconds. Afterwards the game should resume as normal. Just keep trying either the "Windows" Key or Alt+Tab 'til it works. That's all we can really do for now.

45) I can't decide! I need in game videos!!! View and be Merry. Might I suggest watching "Ping Pong" as it very accurately displays how balanced Toons can be, thus giving the NEED for Teamwork.

46) Please! Tell me how to make the opening music stop!!
These are the offending files:
\Program Files\Codemasters\RF Online\Snd\Bgm

47) What can you tell me about MAU's?
Not much actualy, I'm not a Midget, but DarkHelmut supplied the basics. ^^
"MAUs: Have to be level 30 and then become the driver class (any class can do this, but only suggested for specs, any besides spec is a cross glass and they gimp themselves). ONLY specs can become Armor Rider and get the black MAU.
While in MAU:

Can't use pots
Can't be buffed
Do get UNIT pt
Do get CP's
Do Not get exp"

48) Where can I find XX map?
Always check Sundries Dealers for Maps, different Dealers have different Maps. This is what has been contributed so far. Cora:
Sette/Cauldron - Rift Cave Sundries
Bell: n/a
Acc: n/a

49) How do I know what level something is?
Telling what level a player is is rather difficult, until you learn the trick. Check two things. One, the armor they are wearing. I know, kinda a pain memorising every races armor. Which brings us to point two. Check their rank. Knowing these is much easier then recognising armor. If you have 2 Ranks and you see someone with 4 ranks, odds are they are gonna beat you down. All you really need to know. It's not full-proof, but the best we have to go on. Conning mobs is easier, however.

0 Dots - 7 or more levels lower then your level.
1 Dot - A level or two under you, but still gives Exp.
2 Dots - Same level as you.
3 Dots - 1 Level Higher then you.
4 Dots - 1 Level Higher then you, but tougher and more Exp. This should be your hunting target...usualy.
5 Dots - 2 Levels Higher then you.
6 Dots - 3 Level Higher then you.
7 Dots - 4 or More Levels Higher then you.

50) Where do I turn in my quests?
You don't. Once you complete a quest, the little radar thingy will pop up like it did when you were given the quest. Clicking that completes the quest and gives you your reward(s). However, if the quest gives you items and your inventory is full, the stuff will end up on the ground. So check your bags before clicking the radar dish to finish your quest!